insurance issues.
Let us point the way.

Deciphera AccessPoint is a single point of contact to serve patients and practices.

Support services for practices

Waiting for insurance decisions can create delays. We provide the following services to help get patients started:

Benefits investigation (BI)

Get comprehensive BI results—right when you need them.

Prior authorization (PA) and appeals support

Call us to help navigate the process quickly and accurately.

Plus, use our sample Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) and Letter of Appeal templates to help speed up the process. While we cannot submit letters on behalf of physicians or patients, these sample letters can be customized based on your patient’s condition and plan requirements.

Insurance education

If your patients have questions about whether their insurance covers QINLOCK® (ripretinib), tell them to call us. We'll point the way.

For questions about Medicare coverage or the Low-Income Subsidy program (also known as "Extra Help"), refer to our Medicare Overview Brochure.

Dedicated Case Managers

All of the above services are supported by our team of dedicated Case Managers, who are readily available to answer your and your patients' access questions.

Call 1‑833‑4DACCES (1‑833‑432‑2237) Monday–Friday 8AM–8PM ET.

Deciphera AccessPoint provides informational resources for patients and healthcare professionals; specific eligibility requirements are determined by the payer. Therefore, patients and healthcare professionals should confirm information directly with payers. Deciphera does not guarantee coverage or payer reimbursement.

Financial support for patients

If patients need help affording their medication, Deciphera AccessPoint is here to help. We have financial support options for patients with different types of insurance, or no insurance at all:

Commercial Copay Program

For eligible patients with commercial insurance, our copay program may cover ALL out‑of‑pocket drug costs (as little as $0 copay).*

Referrals to Foundation Funding

Patients with Medicare, Medicaid, or military insurance may be eligible to receive financial help from foundations or other third-party organizations.

Patient Assistance Program

Patients with no insurance or no coverage for Qinlock may qualify for free medication.*

*Terms and conditions apply. Copay program is subject to an annual benefit maximum. Full terms and conditions provided prior to enrollment.

If cost is an issue, call us. We'll work to find a solution.

Temporary supply programs

Avoid insurance delays and interruptions. Our temporary supply programs bridge the gap.

Insurance delays? Help patients get a Rapid Start

Time matters. With the Rapid Start program, you can help patients dealing with delayed coverage decisions or appeals get started on Qinlock right away.

Eligible patients receive a 10-day supply with up to 5 refills.*

Interruptions in coverage? We can Bridge the gap

We're here to help patients stay on therapy. With the Bridge program, patients experiencing a lapse in coverage may be eligible for a temporary supply of Qinlock.

Eligible patients receive a 10-day supply with up to 5 refills.*

*Terms and conditions apply. Copay program is subject to an annual benefit maximum. Full terms and conditions provided prior to enrollment.

Talk to one of our dedicated Case Managers to see if your patient is eligible.

Enroll a patient

Find out how to enroll patients in Deciphera AccessPoint or the Commercial Copay Program.

Enroll patients here

Ordering information

Qinlock is available through a limited network of specialty pharmacies and distributors.

How to order

Forms & resources

A host of tools and resources to help you gain fast access to Qinlock, right at your fingertips.

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